Who We Are

We are a voluntary organization providing emergency communications services in large scale disasters and to charitable events within the Central Massachusetts area. Our membership is comprised mostly of FCC licensed amateur radio operators who volunteer our time and expertise to assist the community when the need arises.

Our members come from all walks of life. Our ranks are made up engineers, businessmen, attorneys, nurses, truck drivers, police and fire dispatchers, retirees and students among others. The common thread is that all have chosen help the community when disasters or emergencies strike. We use our internal diversity of skills and vocations to our advantage when we can.

Since we are strictly a volunteer, organization that receives no direct funding. We also receive mostly unsolicited support from our membership and local businesses in the form of materials and equipment donations, as well as that of individual hams donating equipment due to retirement or a out-of-state move. We are an incorporated non-profit under the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, registered federally as a IRS 501(c)(3), and thus all donations to us are tax deductible. If you have a donation for us, please contact us.

Our team mainly operates within Central Massachusetts, in the City of Worcester and surrounding communities. Our main operational area can be seen here.