New Website Launched

May 31 2010, 17:03
by wk1h
As everyone can see, our team has a brand new website!

There are many new items to take note of on the new website. The Field Day 2010 info page and signup form are both up, use the drop down above to check it out or sign up. The new website is on instead of, and all requests to will redirect here. There are lots of new features and the like. Members are no longer required to login for any purpose. Members can also change their email address on the team's email reflector using the form in the "Members" drop down.

One thing that we are looking for are more radio pictures for the top header here. If anyone wants their radio features, send the pictures to Gil WK1H. The pictures should have 1000 pixels width and 285 pixels height.

Please look around and let us know what you think!

Required training for all RACES appointees, mandated by MEMA and FEMA

Feb 04 2010, 08:23
by wk1h
If you are affiliated with Worcester RACES or RACES in another town, both the federal and state governments have recently agreed upon some basic core requirements for RACES personnel in order to retain the RACES designation and certification. These requirements consist of taking two Incident Command Courses offered online by FEMA. The specific courses are IS-100.b and IS-700.a. The IS-100.a is basic Incident Command Structure. This is the management system that is to be used to manage any large scale incidents. IS-700.a is a NIMS Introduction. NIMS (National Incident Management System) is the federal implementation of the ICS system. Additionally, if you are likely to assume a supervisory role during an incident, IS-200.b (ICS for Single Resources and Initial Action Incidents) is required. Since any Net Control assignment is considered a supervisory role, it is highly recommended that all team members take this course as well because any member may be asked to take a NCS assignment at any time during an incident. IS-100.b is a prerequisite to taking IS-200.b. All three courses are free and only involve a few hours of your time. If classroom courses are preferred over online courses, email Worcester Emergency Management with your request. If enough people are interested (10+), we will be able to run a normal classroom session for any of these courses, again, free of charge. For more on this subject, see the Recommended Training page.